Youth Swim School Downtown Reno

Parkway Athletic Club is excited to announce that our second Swim School location is now open! Our large facility and heated indoor pool is conveniently located in Downtown Reno with free garage parking.

PAC Swim School is designed to help children (ages 4+) develop their water safety survival and swim skills. Swimmers work through age and skill-appropriate levels as they master the fundamentals.

We also offer private lessons for children and adults!

How to get started?

Each child will need to complete a free Swim Skill Evaluation to establish their appropriate class level. Once the Evaluation is complete and the level is determined, we will enroll your child in a Swim School membership. Please use the form below to request your child’s appointment.

Swim Evaluation: What to Expect

Swim Evaluations are not lessons and last 15 mins or less. The goal of these appointments is to get prospective students in the water and see where within our programs they will benefit most in the most efficient way possible.

Children aged 5 and younger:

  • The main area we are going to be evaluating is the child’s comfort level in the water. Once in, willingness to get in, and willingness to listen to instructor directions, and getting their face/head wet.

Children aged 6-8:

  • This age group of prospective swim students would fall into our level 2 class in most cases. What we will be looking for in order for them to join, is an improved level of listening skills compared to younger students, 1 length of freestyle, and 1 length of backstroke (this requirement is done out of safety need to know that all level 2’s can get across the pool unsupported).

Children aged 8-10:

  • This age group typically falls in levels 3-4 depending on their existing swimming ability. What we will be looking for level 3 is a strong example of at least backstroke and freestyle (with side breathing), breaststroke is a plus but not required to begin level 3. Will evaluate both form on breaststroke and freestyle, as well as endurance.

Children aged 10 and above:

  • Prospective swim students in this area range between levels 3, 4, and 5 with the most landing in level 4 and 5. For the older age range and more confident swimmer most cases are landing between 4 and 5. For level 4, we will be looking for a good form in freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke, as well as a solid endurance for those 3 strokes, typically at least 4 or 5 laps of each. For level 5, we will be looking for a very good form in all 4 strokes, as the focal point of that level is form mastering, endurance building, and pace building

Member Pricing

*Swim student is a child of an existing member.

2x per week: $119.99 per month
3x per week: $179.99 per month

Non-Member Pricing

*Swim student is a child of a non-PAC member

2x per week: $159.99 per month
3x per week: $239.99 per month

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645 N Arlington Ave, Ste 100

Reno, NV 89502


Phone: 775-507-2324