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Benefits of Stretch

Enhances Athletic Performance

Improves Muscle Recovery

Improves Posture

Decreases Probability of Injuries

Decreases Muscle Tension

Increases Range of Motion

Meet the Stretch Team

Brandon Landaverde  – Director of Stretch

My name is Brandon Landaverde, but you can call me Lando. As a Medical Massage Therapist with a nationally accredited Stretching Certification as well as an undergrad in Psychology, I have come to understand that movement is medicine. My goal is to display the positive effects of stretching throughout the entire body and how it improves your quality of life. I strive to become well-rounded in soft tissue manipulation in order to provide the best possible service in achieving your client specific goals utilizing evidence based practices. Whether it be turning back the clock, post operation, preventative injury, or looking to increase your range of motion, I look forward to seeing you on the table!

Heather Crawley – Stretch Technician

Hello! My name is Heather Crawley and I am a certified Stretch Therapist. My specialty is PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) stretching which is a form of assisted stretching which uses slight tension in order to help clients achieve deep stretches with zero discomfort. I have been stretching clients on an almost daily basis since June 2022 and have found a passion for assisting people with accumulating better mobility and flexibility. Through PNF stretching, I have seen my clients be able to walk better, workout more comfortably, and experience less pain. I love to take my time to focus on each client’s individual needs through making personalized stretching plans. Let me help you experience more comfort throughout your day!

Tyler Holman  – Stretch Technician

My name is Tyler Holman and I’m certified in stretch with a nationally accredited Stretch Certification. I first got into stretch through Personal Training and having an athletic background myself. Due to the fact that I’ve been an athlete my whole life, I understand the importance of stretch and recovery and I’m passionate about helping others with it as well. I love stretch because PNF stretching is the best type of stretch you can do to get proper blood flow through your muscles and improve flexibility at a faster rate. I would love to help you with your goals!