Assisted Stretching in Reno

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Meet the Stretch Team

Brandon Landaverde – Area Director


My name is Brandon Landaverde, but you can call me Lando. As a Medical Massage Therapist with a nationally accredited Stretching Certification as well as an undergrad in Psychology, I have come to understand that movement is medicine. My goal is to display the positive effects of stretching throughout the entire body and how it improves your quality of life. I strive to become well-rounded in soft tissue manipulation to provide the best possible service in achieving your client specific goals utilizing evidence based practices. Whether it be turning back the clock, post operation, preventative injury, or looking to increase your range of motion, I look forward to seeing you on the table!

Michelle Andrews – Stretch Technician

Hello everyone, my name is Michelle Andrews. I have always been into sports growing up and have grown a passion for weight lifting. I went into massage therapy because I believe it is important to take care of your body outside of the gym as well. I believe that assisted stretching is so important no matter what age or shape you are in. I have gone through my fair share of injuries due to lifting and sports growing up, and receiving assisted stretch helped me in more ways than one. I want to be able to help people reach their goals and make them stronger than ever. Whether you are looking to increase your flexibility/mobility, or if you are recovering from a surgery, assisted stretch is the key for you to get back to performing at your best. I am so excited to be part of a company that has the same beliefs as I do when it comes to recovery.

Katelyn Rovig – Stretch Technician

Hello, my name is Katelyn and I am a certified stretch technician! Growing up I was always involved in sports and activities. Then I discovered my love and passion for weight-lifting and competing in bikini bodybuilding competitions. I am a nationally qualified bikini bodybuilder and am working toward my pro card. Working out with property recovery has provided me with not only physical and mental growth but also personal growth. Wellness is important to practice balance through a happy and healthy lifestyle. I believe you reap the most benefits from exercise and recovery when you challenge yourself but stay mindful of your mental health and how it is adapting in relation to your exercise and recovery program. Getting your body moving daily is a great way to help improve mental and physical well-being. I love being able to share my passion of working out and recovery with others as well as love seeing the growth that it provides them. My goal as your stretch tech is to help improve flexibility, mobility, and motion to help you maximize your progress in recovery and achieve your wellness goals.

Mallory Langer – Stretch Technician

Hello, my name is Mallory Langer. For most of my life, I have been primarily a dancer, yogi, and an athlete, always moving my body and learning new ways of movement and health. Over the years, I turned my passion for dance and yoga into a career teaching around the world. Dance and yoga have helped me create a better understanding of my own and my students’ bodies as well. I have learned over the years how vital stretching and breathing are for your overall health and well-being. It is more than just a lifestyle.

Becoming a Stretch and Flexibility Coach has been a goal of mine for a while now. It allows me to share my passion for health through stretching. I became a Certified Stretch Tech through NASM, a highly used and reliable program. I’m excited to share my knowledge and give a helping hand on the journey of being your Stretch Tech. Helping in your recovery or helping you find more flexibility in your body and inspiring you to have better overall health.